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Hazel is a 200 hrs RYT - Yoga teacher for children, teenagers and adults, graduated from Yoga Campus and Floripa Yoga Academy. Hazel has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years and with her daughter since 2012.  She currently teaches a Breakfast Club, Children's afternoon session and a number of  Yoga sessions Weekly at a local nursery and schools.

Hazel also takes Family yoga sessions locally and has also led Family yoga sessions at the Wilderness Festival 2021 in Oxfordshire.  Hazel also holds a TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Children and Young People's Mental Health (RQF). Her teachings focus on holding a safe space for Children and Teenagers to explore Yoga and Creativity, through breathing techniques, asanas and creative mindfulness activities to encourage relaxation and awareness of the present moment and their body.

Why Yoga for Children and Teenagers

All Children and Teenagers are born creative. Yoga, combining yoga poses, breathing and mindfulness disciplines promote mental health and self worth. All held in a fun and safe environment to nourish well-being and expression especially in these difficult times. 


● Yoga as a physical activity - aids physical development, as well as coordination, balance, flexibility and strength.

● Holding a safe space to explore Creativity and Curiosity.

● Encourages concentration and focus.

● Feeling at ease with ourselves - creating calm and relaxation.

Why Family Yoga

Family Yoga provides a safe space for families to strengthen their bond and spend some quality time together. 


● Create strong links exploring physical postures together, also practicing kindness, love and trust between the family members.

● Promotes good communication skills.

● Improves collaboration and team work.

● Provides an opportunity to explore Empathy, Joy and quality time together.

● Children and teens find it helpful to build courage, self esteem and self worth in their daily interactions.

● Develops concentration and focus.

● Create a sense of well-being, happiness and relaxation.

Upcoming Yoga Retreats

October 2025, Saturday 18th – Saturday 25th
Sicily – Family Yoga, Surfing and Kite Yoga Retreat at Floripa Yoga House.
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